Arkansas Contractors Exam



Who Needs a License?

Arkansas requires a contractor’s license for all commercial and residential projects which cost $20,000 or more. We work with thousands of people like you each year and help them reach their objective of becoming a licensed contractor.

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How to Acquire Your Arkansas Builders License

Arkansas has both commercial and residential builder licenses. Note: A commercial builder license holder can do both commercial and residential work with the license. A residential builder license holder can only do residential work.

To get started on the licensing process go here:

Make sure to select the correct application for the license you're looking to obtain.


Taking the Arkansas Contractors License Exam

You have studied diligently and are ready to take the Arkansas builders license exam. You can arrive with confidence knowing that you are prepared for whatever questions may appear on the test.  

The exam is given at PSI (

To be successful you must:

  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled testing time.
  • Present two (2) valid forms of identification when you arrive at the testing center.
  • Name on the application must exactly match the name on the photo ID used to check in
  • Have a minimum passing score of 70%.
  • For computerized testing, you will receive an unofficial score immediately following the exam.


Receiving Your Arkansas Contractors License

Once you have successfully passed the Arkansas construction license exam, you will need to mail your test results with your completed application and license fee to the Arkansas Contractors Licensing Board. The Contractor Licensing Board will process your application and notify you by mail that your license has been issued.

Traps to Avoid

It is a common misconception that since the Arkansas builders license exam is open book; it is not difficult to pass. In reality the contractors test is more difficult to pass than closed book exams due to the fact that you have a book available as a resource during the contractor exam. You are permitted to bring certain reference material into the exam.

The reference materials may be:

  • Highlighted, underlined, or indexed to assist you in finding information quickly.
  • The book may not be written in and may not contain any additional papers.
  • Do not use sticky notes or Post It’s to index your books.  They are not permitted and you will be asked to remove them at the test center.
  •  You are required to bring your own reference materials because they are not available at the testing center.

We recommend purchasing NASCLA Business and Project Management, Arkansas Builder Licensure Board and using it together with our course to give you the greatest chance of passing the builders license test the first time. This book is allowed into the Arkansas construction license exam.

If you forget the answer to a question during the builder’s license exam, having this reference book will allow you to quickly find the answer and complete the Arkansas construction license exam within the time allowed.

In construction the saying, “Do it right the first time” is often heard. We believe it also applies to getting your Residential Builders License.