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GB-2 Residential

New Mexico GB-2 Residential Builder Contractor

New Mexico GB-2 Residential Contractor Builder Exam Prep Combo Includes a Complete Text Book Reference Set, Permanent Tabs for the book set, Printed Covered Spiral Bound Study Guide, Audio CD's, and access to Unlimited Exam Prep


GB-2 Residential Contractor Requires two years experience. Erect, alter, repair or demolish homes, residences and apartment houses accommodating not in excess of four family units, Groups R-1 and R-3, as those groups are defined in 14.7.3 NMAC.

May also bid and contract for items included in Group U, as defined in 14.7.3 NMAC, when incidental to these structures. Includes all work described by the GS specialty classifications, provided the work is limited to residential construction as defined under this provision.