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Combined GB-2 & GB-98

New Mexico GB-2 and GB-98 Residential/Commerical General Builder Contractor

The GB-98 test is only part of the requirement for the GB-98 license. New Mexico requires that you also pass the GB-2 exam BEFORE applying for the GB-98 license regardless of whether or not you will ever do residential work. This combo includes EVERYTHING you need to for all three of the required exams to get the GB-98 GB-2 licenses. Prep courses for the NM Business & Law, GB-98, and GB-2. It also includes all the books, tabs, study guides, audios and coaching sessions.


New Mexico GB-2 and GB-98 Part 1 and 2 Combo

This license is for a contractor who performs contract work or activity relative to detached one-family and two-family residences and one-family townhouses less than four stories in height and their accessory buildings and structures.