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North Carolina Commercial Builder Contractor

Our North Carolina Contractor Builder Combo includes the reference book set and everything you need to become a licensed contractors in the great state of North Carolina. Efficient and Effective study is the key to passing this exam as it's NOT a full open book test. The NASCLA exam is an easier option and can be used in multiple states.

The North Carolina Builder Contractor license classification covers all types of construction activity (commercial & residential).

This classification covers all building construction activity including: commercial, industrial, institutional, and all residential building construction. It includes parking decks; all site work, grading and paving of parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, and gutters; storm drainage, retaining or screen walls, and hardware and accessory structures; and indoor and outdoor recreational facilities including natural and artificial surface athletic fields, running tracks, bleachers and seating. It also covers work done under the specialty classifications of S(Concrete Construction), S(Insulation), S(Interior Construction), S(Marine Construction), S(Masonry Construction), S(Roofing), S(Metal Erection), S(Swimming Pools), and S(Asbestos).