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The North Carolina NASCLA Trades Exam and the North Carolina Business Law Exam (As of Jan 1, 2020) are the two tests you'll need to pass to get your contractor's license.

The trades exam is created from information in 23 books. The Business Law exam pulls questions from one single book.

This combo prep course includes absolutely everything you need to pass your exam. North Carolina Business Law Exam will be required after Jan. 1, 2020 (Included with package)

This prep course will reduce your study time by about 95%

The complete combo package includes:
  • All the books for your specific exam as called for in PSI Candidate Bulletin
  • Pre-printed book tabs for all your books (saving you from having to write out the chapter titles by hand - twice)
  • Online workshop classes for each book. This shows you exactly where to highlight your books and what to focus on, skipping anything that doesn't pertain to the test. (Mobile and Desktop Compatible)
  • Audio tracks for each book to help with some memorization.
  • Quick Start Study Guide. This is a list of every question and answer we've got broken down by book.
  • Quizzes for each individual book
  • Book lookup exercises. We show you the question and answer, and you have to pick which book it comes from. It's sort of like online flash cards.
  • Unlimited practice exams. (We have the only practice exam in the industry that looks and responds exactly like your real test will. Each test is timed and randomized. You'll never have the same exam twice, and you'll know exactly what to expect on your real exam)
  • Unlimited coaching. (We're here to make sure you pass on your first attempt)
  • Unlimited support. (The only company in the industry to offer unlimited coaching and support. We actually LIKE our customers)

Our 100% satisfaction is simple and the only one in the industry. If you get this course and within 14 days decide it's not for you, just return all the material in new condition for a full 100% refund.

Our Prep Course is Fully Backed with will not only give you all your money back for the prep course, but we will add another 10% on top of that. That's right. We have the only 110% Success Guarantee in the industry. See our Success Guarantee page for details.

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