Tennessee BC-Ab (sm) Combined Residential / Small Commercial Contractor Book Set

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This complete book set includes the following:
  1. International Building Code 2012
  2. International Residential Code 2012
  3. OSHA 1926 Construction Industry Regulations Book
  4. Carpentry & Building Construction
  5. The Contractor's Guide to Quality Concrete Construction, 4th Edition
  6. Roofing Construction & Estimating
  7. Modern Masonry, 8th Edition
  8. Pipe & Excavation Contracting
  9. Gypsum Construction Handbook, 7th Edition
  10. Technical Digest No. 9 - Handling and Erection of Steel Joists and Joist Girders, 3rd Edition
  11. SDI Manual of Construction with Steel Deck, 3rd Edition
  12. ACI 318-14 Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary
  13. ACI 530/530.1-13 Building Code Requirements & Specifications for Masonry Structures
Includes TN Business & Law reference book:
  1. Tennessee Contractors Guide to Business, Law and Project Management, 3rd Edition